5 Resources for Entrepreneurial Veterans

In the United States, many veterans go on to pursue careers in business ownership. This is an exciting, admirable, and sometimes difficult undertaking, and if you have a veteran-owned business or are looking to start one, there are many resources available to support you.

Here are a few resources dedicated to veteran-owned businesses — there are even more than what's listed here, but a few good ones to know are:

Veteran Entrepreneur Portal

This online portal run by the state of Virginia is a community and resource hub for new and experienced veterans in business. You can use it to find opportunities for financing, federal resources, and information about growing your business.

Boots to Business

Boots to Business is a two-step training program for transitioning veterans and military spouses who want to gain the skills and knowledge needed for entrepreneurship. This initiative is part of a larger program by the Department of Defense called the Transition Assistance Program — and it has a catchy name to boot.

Veteran Business Outreach Center

This organization offers an impressive range of services: mentoring, counseling, and training in business, to name a few. These offerings are available to veterans starting a business or managing one they've already established.

Institute for Veterans and Military Families

Based out of Syracuse University, the IVMF is an educational resource that can help you learn how to manage finances, use your own money to launch a business, or secure funding from elsewhere. 

National Veteran-Owned Business Association

NaVOBA is a nonprofit advocacy group that offers free membership to veterans in business. Being a member allows you to list your business in the organization's marketplace — this is a good resource because, whether you're just starting a business or have one already running, connecting with other businesses can be informative and mutually beneficial.

In addition to these excellent services to help you get started or continue with your career path, there are other programs focused on assisting veterans who are women and veterans who have disabilities.

Additionally, the listed resources are affiliated with the U.S. government, but there are also private organizations that offer services to help you start your veteran-owned business.

Whether your business will be in manufacturing, animal care, security, or any other industry, these resources and many others are available to you as a veteran. Taking advantage of them can make a big difference in turning your creative business ideas into a lucrative reality. 

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