Consumer Finance

Incredible Consumer Financing for Small Businesses

At JRF Financial, Inc., we’re happy to work for and with small business owners. We know that every trusted industry name has to get its start somewhere, so your company holds immense potential. One of the best ways to ensure solid growth is with consumer finance programs. Our goal is to help you guarantee 100% customer satisfaction by giving your clients flexible payment options.

Why Is Consumer Financing Perfect for Small Businesses?

Many businesses and consumers prefer completing purchases through credit. This can simplify their accounting and give them greater flexibility for managing working capital and funds. However, small business owners may be hesitant to extend credit, especially for large purchases. After all, your business needs to maintain its own excellent cash flow to pay suppliers. Trustworthy consumer finance options are the perfect solution. Here is how they work:

  • We check your customer’s credit rating
  • We provide fast approval for credit
  • We offer large credit amounts
  • We support special offers and discounts
  • We deliver payment to your account quickly

In other words, your customers get the freedom to make smaller payments over time. You get the capital you need for reinvesting in your business immediately. Everyone is happy, and the process works like a charm. This option has helped many small businesses to attract large corporate clients and other high-value prospects.

Getting started with the best consumer finance options should be a priority for your company. To learn more, contact us right away.