About Us

About JRF Financial, Inc.

JRF Financial, Inc. was founded by Justin Frye; and stands for Just Righteous Faith Financial, Inc.. Justin has been operating as a licensed financial professional since 2014, and has dedicated himself to helping business owners become financially literate by educating on the biblical principles of financial stewardship and providing funding solutions to businesses of all types to break the yoke/financial chains of financial challenges.

Justin is also the Financial Minister of his local church and runs a community financial outreach program to help people understand how funding, transactions and commerce work. Additionally, Justin completed his Minister In Training (MIT) program and is a fully licensed Minister as of December, 2020.

JRF Financial, Inc. is a Christian owned and operated business with our Mission Statement being able to help people become financially literate, finding the proper type of funding needed that is in the client’s best interest.

Eric Gooden, our CFO, is a financial services professional with 24 years of experience as a consultant and advisor, providing financial counseling for people throughout various stages of life. His focus is offering alternatives and recommendations on ways to help facilitate, protect, preserve and expand their portfolio in a holistic manner.

Eric has committed his career to focusing on a unique systematic, disciplined approach to helping people.

Eric graduated from Life University with a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, Cum Laude. Eric is a member of Sigma Beta Delta, International Honor Society in Business Management and Administration.

Eric is a military veteran and a former police officer.  His favorite hobbies are reading and traveling.

JRF Financial, Inc.'s creed is: If the sea couldn't stop Moses, If a wall couldn't stop Joshua, If a giant couldn't stop David, If death couldn't stop Jesus, Then nothing can stop you from doing God's will!  Amen!