Key Person Policies

Key Person Policies

Most businesses take care to insure assets, equipment, and property against damage and disasters. However, key executives provide both tangible and intangible benefits to a business that are vital to success. JRF Financial, Inc. provides key person policy services to minimize the impact that the loss of an important contributor can have on your business.

People Come First

Losing a key person can result in the loss of invaluable talent, a disruption in revenue, and even a drop in the overall reputation of your business. After all, equipment and assets can be replaced, but finding recovering from the loss of a key contributor is much more challenging. The team at JRF Financial, Inc. will help identify the impact key individuals have on sales and the overall profitability of your business, as well as the value of their skills, experience, and the positive impact they have on your organization’s reputation. There are also tax considerations, compensation, and professional liability aspects to key persons in a business, and we will help you navigate those waters to protect your company.

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