Equipment Financing

Upgrade Your Restaurant Business With Incredible Equipment Financing

The primary focus of restaurant owners is to attract customers. Achieving this requires a combination of factors: an exciting atmosphere, great food, comfortable surroundings and excellent customer service. At JRF Financial, Inc., we can help restaurateurs to deliver on every level with the right equipment financing options, creating irresistible occasions that give your business a loyal following and a strong social media presence.

How Can the Best Equipment Financing Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level?

Our equipment financing can help you outfit and upgrade your restaurant with amazing furniture, décor and appliances. This can provide several essential benefits:

  • Giving your business a unique personality
  • Making customers feel relaxed
  • Helping people feel more comfortable
  • Catering to busy clients
  • Providing unforgettable dining experiences

While the talent of your staff also plays a large role in the best customer service, equipment financing is the foundation of it all.

High-tech payment systems make payment processing less stressful for customers. State-of-the-art appliances can help you prepare delectable creations such as premium ice-cream. Interesting décor and furniture sets your restaurant apart and appeals specifically to your target customer base. For example, it wouldn’t be a sports bar without wall-to-wall high-definition TVs and a gorgeous hardwood bar.

When Is Equipment Leasing a Good Fit for Restaurants?

While many of the systems you use have a long lifespan, such as food prep surfaces and cooking equipment, there are other systems that benefit from staying up to date. In the case of modern payment systems, including tablets and mobile devices for table-side ordering, equipment leasing may be the best choice. Our leasing programs feature low monthly payments and great flexibility.

We also have a number of startup programs for new restaurants, coffee shops and hospitality businesses. At JRF Financial, Inc., we tailor our equipment loans to the specific circumstances of every company. To learn more about our equipment leasing and financing options for restaurants and other businesses, contact our team right away.