Purchase Order financing

Fill Larger Orders With Purchase Order Financing

If your business struggles to find funding for pre-purchased goods, JRF Financial, Inc. can help. We work with a variety of transactions across multiple business models, whether your purchase is in progress or nearly complete. Here is a look at how your business can benefit and the type or purchase order financing we offer.

Gains Associated With Financing

Partnering with us gives your business a variety of benefits. Along with the ability to fill larger orders and work with more clients, you could:

  • Grow your business without equity sacrifices
  • Make on-time deliveries
  • Expand your existing market share
  • Receive flexible funding quickly

Businesses We Work With

So long as you are filling purchase orders, you can apply for our purchase order financing. If you work in international goods, we finance imports and exports. It also does not matter if you deal with material parts or finished goods, we offer financing. We even work with new startups, producers, wholesalers, resellers and distributors. With our help, you can focus your time on doing business.

Get In Touch Today

Contact our office to find out more about our purchase order financing. A qualified financial advisor can answer your questions and guide you through our application process. We can process your paperwork quickly and get you moving forward right away.