Business Succession Planning

Business Succession Planning 

Businesses that have been in operation for generations started with owners who understood the value of business succession planning. JRF Financial, Inc. helps business owners plan who will take over operations upon retirement or in the event of health issues.

Careful and Personalized Planning

JRF Financial, Inc. will work with you directly to plan out a timeline for succession, identify the potential heir or heirs to your business, and even create contingencies in case of buy-out offers or mergers. From your position as head of your company to HR, payroll, contracts, assets, and liabilities, we will help you create a sound strategy for business succession.

Long-Term Success

Your business is part of your legacy, and JRF Financial, Inc. will help you create a plan of succession so that your business will carry on for generations to come. Contact our offices today for a no-obligation consultation about the benefits of business succession planning.