Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Become a Better Leader

If you're someone who breaks out in hives at the mere thought of public speaking, you're certainly not alone. In fact, a large majority of people agree with you, and can't even fathom having to commit to such a burden on a frequent basis. However, the reality is, many in the business world have to embrace the concept to truly get ahead with their brand. After all, becoming a strong and effective leader means stepping up and speaking out for your company's needs whenever necessary. Looking to improve your own relationship with public speaking for the sake of your leadership skills, as well as your business? Here are some helpful techniques to get you over the hump, helping propel you into a more positive mindset around public speaking for the long-term.

Speaking of a positive mindset, it's crucial that you change your entire concept of speaking in public in order to get ahead. Often when you ask people how they feel about the idea, they immediately speak in negatives, claiming that they abhor the idea and they are overwhelmed with nerves and anxiety at even considering the prospect. Every aspect of your life can be improved if you approach it with a positive mindset. Telling yourself that you can manage your nerves and commit to the task with excitement and confidence can all do wonders for changing your mental state. With enough positive self-affirmation, your mind will follow your words, so learn to motivate yourself with confident self-talk ahead of your next speaking engagement to achieve the best results.

Beyond just setting goals of being more positive, it's important to adhere to a strict regimen of practice beforehand. True leadership means having to commit to plenty of tough decisions regarding your business, all of which require practice in order for you to overcome the anxiety of it and find success on the other side. Practice public speaking in small groups of friends or family, and listen to their feedback for things you can improve on, so you feel more confident in front of a bigger crowd of colleagues or strangers. Not only does practice make perfect, so does ample preparation. Walking in blind to any situation can be highly nerve-wracking for most people. Therefore, making adequate preparations ahead of time by learning about your audience, knowing your objectives, and understanding your materials can certainly help breed more confidence.

Many qualities make a great leader, but improving your leadership skills in general requires making positive changes first. With that in mind, overcoming your fear of public speaking is an excellent first step in becoming a superb leader for your business.

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